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25 Jul Work Ethics of Winners

It takes a code of conduct - ethics - to be a winner. In simple words, diligent hardwork. Abhishek, CEO - Bold Kiln, came up with some specifics which guide us in being better at our jobs, and to some extent, our lives as well. This tweet-thread will surely get you places, trust us and read on: [View the story "Quick Pointers on a Winner Work Ethic" on Storify] Would love to know if your thoughts differ! ...

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25 Jul User Notifications 101

Customer interaction is tricky. Even the slightest of errors can irk users, and halt things. We've put down a tweet-thread for you to understand how notifications should be sent out to users - Kuldeep (CleverTap), sharing some words of wisdom! Check.. [View the story "Best Practices for Notifying Users" on Storify] Got more tips or thoughts to share? Comment below, we're waiting to hear from you! ...

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Businessman Earnings Ranking

27 May Why we didn’t raise funding early on

Are you guys funded? Everyone loves to ask this question. People at startup events, college buddies on WhatsApp groups and even your co-passengers on flights. And sure, I get it. In the world littered with umpteen startups, funding reflects a certain external validation and “seriousness” of your venture. So nothing wrong with this question, really. But what gets to my nerves is the way the conversation goes next: I: No, we are bootstrapped. The guy: Uh oh. Yeah, funding is a big problem these days. Wait a minute. I only said we are bootstrapped. Did it automatically imply that we failed at raising funds? Is...

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04 Apr 100% FDI in e-commerce marketplaces – What to expect?

Providing a much awaited clarity in definition and what’s legitimate, the Indian government has finally allowed 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in online retail of goods and services under the so-called “marketplace model” through the automatic route on 29  March, 2016, effective immediately. This is a welcome change as it seeks to legitimise the sprawling and exponentially growing e-commerce industry in India. An explicit position from the government on where it stood with reference to e-commerce has been long overdue. So far, the government had already allowed 100% foreign investment in business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce. The marketplace model, as the changes...

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09 Jan Run your business like the head of a middle class family.

“Run your business like the head of a middle class family — which is the wife (in all classes). Tight budget (plan, target, result oriented spends). Optimum utilization of ration available (inventory and resources). Quick but clever thinking. Sacrifices. The wallet without the cards dictates the lifestyle (simple office). Does not entertain guests by ordering butter chicken from Moti Mahal (bleed to attract). But cooks some awesome dal makhani, prepares boondi raita and makes sure everyone has enjoyed gajar ka halwa (customer service/experience).” This was a discussion I had with my grandfather a decade and a half ago. Then the word startup was not...

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23 Dec How to save yourself from bad startup ideas that look good

The startup bug has bitten you. You want to start a business, grow it for a few years, sell it and rest easy for the rest of your life. It’s a great dream. But that’s the easy part. The hard part is building the business. And this long, arduous journey starts with a single step — a great idea. How do you come up with a startup idea? To start, you read this thought-provoking article by Paul Graham where he talks a lot about the characteristics of great ideas. He also talks about a similar looking but antithetical concept: the ‘sitcom’ startup idea. What...

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10 Dec PR and Startups

Every founder, on her journey of building their startup, face the question of PR. And that overarching question bring with it a LOT more questions, so to speak. We decided to try and make a dent on this vacuum of knowledge we suffer from. On 9th of December 2015, Bold Kiln conducted a Tweet Chat on PR for Startups in collaboration with SCoRe - Indian School of COmmunications & REputation and Boring Brands - with the objective being to discuss PR for startups and various facets around it. PR today is not properly understood by companies that are growing and most often...

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21 Aug Regulations that the freelance economy desperately needs

As originally published on the FlexingIt blog here. Republished with permissions. The freelance economy refers to freelancers, contractors, consultants, temporary workers or independent professionals. The terminology varies from market to market. For the purpose of this piece also, we have used these terms interchangeably. In India and globally, freelancers grapple with problems of the lack of rules and regulations governing the freelance ecosystem. Even in mature markets, there is limited information online about rules and regulations for temporary workers or independent professionals. When it comes to India, freelancing is pretty much in its infancy. The National Accounts Statistics (NAS) uses the classification of...

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25 Jul Don’t Startup Because it is Fancy!

  Everybody around you is starting up or planning to start up? Are you one of those who think I can build the next Flipkart, Zomato, InMobi? You drink, eat, smoke 'startup ideas'? Then go out to the battle field and do it!  But do it if you are prepared for no inflow of income for the next 18 months, no fund raise from angels, VCs, no time for self, no money for movies, trips etc. A lot of people today want to startup because of all the buzz around VC money flowing around. According to data compiled by YourStory, startups had raised $1.7 billion in...

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